Dental fillings are wildly popular and have been for decades, however they’re anything but a permanent solution.  Many older fillings are made of metal materials that can go bad, weaken your teeth, or result in additional decay that can’t be seen by the naked eye.  It’s been estimated that over one billion of these metal fillings will need to be replaced within a period of ten years.   

CEREC is an innovative dental restoration procedure that allows cosmetic dentists to restore decayed teeth, place crowns, apply cosmetic veneers, or remove defective amalgam fillings in as little as a single visit.  This allows you to enjoy superior results with little or no interruption to your daily routine.

What is CEREC?

  • Chairside:  Advanced inpatient procedure done while you’re in the chair
  • Economical:  An effective procedure that’s economical for patients and dentists
  • Restorations:  Restores your tooth to its natural beauty, function, and strength
  • Esthetic:  CEREC restorations are metal-free and natural tooth-colored
  • Ceramic:  Uses high-strength ceramics that close in composition to natural teeth

CEREC is a method that has been used by tens of thousands of dentists over the past 30+ years,  not only to replace damaged fillings, but moreover to restore teeth that have become decayed, weakened, chipped, broken, and so on.  It’s a relatively simple process that’s done chairside during one appointment, using safe ceramic materials that mimic the natural color and texture your teeth.   

To schedule an appointment or learn more about the many benefits of CEREC tooth restoration in Rochester, get in touch with the Harborside Dental Team today.  We’re located in Webster and serve the needs of patients throughout Western NY.  We can be reached by phone at 585-671-2720 or write to us via email through our website’s contact page.

We can be reached by phone at 585-671-2720 during office hours, or 24/7 via email by visiting our contact page.